Utica First Insurance Company


Utica First Insurance, a northeastern regional provider of personal and niche commercial coverage, had outgrown its 30-year-old legacy core systems and envisioned the transformative impact that data analytics, automation, business intelligence, and a host of APIs would introduce to their business processes.


Utica had very specific criteria for their new system. They needed a solution that could handle their current distribution model while ensuring they could continue to transform their operations as required in the future. OneShield had the proven technology to help them in the present and future, poising Utica for the changing dynamics in the market.

OneShield’s configurable policy management and billing components automate any stage of the policy lifecycle, from submission, qualification, rating, and quote processing to issuance, endorsement, renewals and cancellations, new product launches, and premium audits — all with reporting and statistical analysis capabilities.

Underlying the components is a core transaction platform that is data-driven, highly extensible, and massively interoperable, creating the foundation of an ecosystem for enabling the utilization of emerging technologies.