CGI Announces Ratabase Suite Platform-As-A-Service For Insurance

Fairfax, Virginia, June 1, 2018 – CGI (NYSE: GIB) (TSX: GIB.A) today announced that CGI and OneShield Software will integrate their products into a managed services platform for insurance clients, combining the capabilities of CGI’s Ratabase® with OneShield along with CGI’s secure global infrastructure and change management services. The platform leverages pre-built APIs, micro-services, pre-existing content, features, and functions. It also improves response time to introduce innovation; reduces operating costs; and minimizes risk for carriers seeking to navigate market changes.

CGI’s Ratabase Suite was developed for carriers who are at a crossroads with their legacy systems and the demands for product innovation. The platform with OneShield is an option for carriers who do not want to invest in replacing systems with the typical build-to-order core system options available today.

“With this platform, CGI helps to future-proof our clients’ investments and disrupt the legacy costs that plague carriers’ results,” said Bill Budde, CGI’s Director of Insurance Solutions. “Our goal is to provide a consumable pricing approach for adding insurance processing services that meet the needs of carriers today and support them as they move to a digital business model in the future.”

“There is increased interest from insurers to adopt an eco-system of platform-based technologies to better serve their ever-evolving business needs,” stated OneShield President and CEO, Glenn Anschutz. “Insurers see an opportunity to rid themselves of legacy constraints and embrace a model that not only contemplates business disruptors, but it also adapts to continuously changing technologies. We welcome the opportunity to partner with CGI’s insurance experts to simplify our customers’ core system strategies.”