Closing the Gaps: Expanding your technology ecosystem


The right strategic approach to technology ecosystems brings competitive advantages to forward-looking insurers – including small and mid-sized carriers, regional players, and startup MGAs. Starting with a solid core system strategy, learn how to creatively leverage third-party applications to enhance customer and agent experiences, enable automation, predictive risk modeling, and more.

This eBook also covers:

  • the role of the digital platform in creating a unique market advantage
  • how digital leaders integrate ecosystem partners to engage customers, extend distribution and develop new business models
  • how nimble players get to market faster with innovative capabilities and products
  • mission-critical APIs for success in 2022
  • security and vetting consideration for potential third-party solutions

Who should read this?

Are you looking for the roadmap to ecosystem strategies, partnership models, and infrastructure needed to collaborate with innovative and emerging technology for a competitive advantage?

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