Cloud vs SaaS

HfS Research: Entering the age of insurance policy administration as-a-Service.


HfS embarked on a research study of the P&C industry shift towards as-a-Service, surveying 50 P&C insurance executives across North America.  The results of this 2017 study offer insight into policy administration system investments, perceptions of as-a-Service solutions, and, most importantly, carriers’ medium to long-term planning in preparation for the changing insurance technology landscape.  Those “long-term” plans looked out on a 5-year horizon without anticipation of the pandemic.

This is an interesting read, alongside our 2022 study, to reflect on where your concerns, challenges, and outlook are most aligned.

Who should read this?

For those interested in the reflections of peers in the industry, these detailed responses are insightfully evaluated by Reetika Joshi, Research Director at HfS Research.