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Use Cases


Consulting Hours




First 30 – 60 days of project kick-off which establishes project scope, define key success measures & timeframes.

This phase creates alignment around overall program goals and strategic tenets, defines what's guiding the success of the program (MVP), connecting OneShield’s implementation team and client teams so they can approach the project with a "one team" mindset.

Shapes requirements through standard OneShield use cases.
Provides scope and release roadmap by capturing inputs through workshops and other activities to create a series of requirements artifacts, outputs to be used for approval, backlog creation, iteration, test case development, etc.
Comprehensive client-driven execution of end-to-end testing of production ready code.
Execute a comprehensive UAT plan. Triage and defect resolution. Release to Production.

The output of this phase is the release to final Production.


Execute sprint plan iteratively, while giving the client frequent views of the delivery.

Configure and build. Unit and functional QA testing, and development of comprehensive UAT plan.

Featured Podcast

Insurers invest a lot of time and energy into their vendor selection process but often don’t always have a plan for how they’re going to optimize that investment and roll out the functionality as a part of the implementation.

OneShield’s Program Consulting Group ensures that there is a consultative approach throughout the client lifecycle. From the very beginning in the sales cycle, continued in the project kickoff, throughout the entire implementation and in any post-production services that OneShield might provide.

Leah English, SVP Sales & Marketing walks through the benefits of our program consulting process, and the value it brings to our clients.