Innovating Insurance: The Tech-Driven Evolution of HAI Group & The Power of Partnership

On This Podcast:

In this 15-minute episode, COO & CFO Troy LePage of HAI Group and OneShield’s SVP Leah English, explore how technology is shaping the insurance landscape and the transformative journey of HAI Group. From strategic goals to the technology selection process, HAI Group shares insights, challenges, and lessons learned in their pursuit of innovation. This fireside chat covers:

  • An overview of HAI Group’s business and its strategic objectives and addresses how technology fits into these goals.
  • Shares the key challenges and pain points that prompted HAI Group to consider upgrading its core system.
  • Provides a walk-through of HAI Group’s technology selection process and the criteria and priorities they considered when evaluating potential solutions.
  • Notable lessons learned during the technology selection journey that could benefit other insurers.
  • Things to consider when embarking on a technology upgrade or transformation, and what to factor in when investing in technology.
  • What’s next for HAI Group in terms of technology innovation and digital transformation?