Why Insurers Need Efficiency and Agility to Meet Today’s Challenging Market.

On This Podcast:

Learn how innovations in insurtech and advancements in core system technology are opening opportunities for insurers to address shifting customer demands in this exclusive podcast.

As younger generations demand faster, easier, and more flexible experiences, the insurance industry finds itself in the midst of rapid change. Meeting evolving expectations requires launching products more quickly while reducing overhead and increasing flexibility.

In this podcast, Liza Petrie, Chief Product Officer at OneShield, and Wayne Toms, CEO of GhostDraft, discuss the critical importance of agility and efficiency in today’s insurance market.

You’ll also hear:

  • The most significant challenges that insurers face when it comes to operational efficiency and agility.
  • The evolution of product development, the importance of integration, and how to become more agile in current market conditions.
  • The most important considerations for establishing a seamless partnership and providing a standout customer experience.