Rating Solution


In today’s rapidly changing market, real-time calculations of insurance premiums and quotes can be a competitive advantage. OneShield Software’s end-to-end rating solution eliminates risk and saves money by allowing insurers across all personal and commercial to build, design, and self-configure products with automated underwriting, rate modeling, pricing management and comparison, enterprise incentive management, and more. It’s rating made easy, with a solution that’s market-tested.

At OneShield Software, we’re technology experts with deep roots in the insurance industry. Our comprehensive portfolio of business applications is tailored to insurance industry leaders looking to reduce expenses, improve efficiencies and optimize service delivery every step of the way.

Whether deployed in the cloud or on-premise, OneShield Rating is a comprehensive rating engine for real-time calculations of insurance premiums and quotes. Leverage our pre-populated rules and rates content, or configure your business-specific rules and rates.

OneShield Rating can also import any content, including third-party policy systems, and is unique in its use of shared or common product definition data. This allows for data integrity across all product lines, pre-quote validations based on underwriting rules, multiple calculation methods, blended rates, multiple scenario-based quotes, easy integration with other systems, and full reporting on all aspects of rating data.

OneShield Rating provides everything you need for real-time calculations and quotes. It handles even the most complex scenarios and gives you the results you need for accurate underwriting in a fast-paced world. It helps you avoid risks early in the underwriting process so you can focus on more important things, like growing your business and making it more efficient and profitable.