Policy Solution


From acquisition to renewals, simplify every stage of the policy management lifecycle.

OneShield Software understands how important policy management is to your success. With OneShield Policy, our flagship solution, you keep what pre-configured capabilities work best while modifying business-specific requirements.

Our robust, flexible, and easily configurable policy management system automates every stage of the policy lifecycle, from submission, qualification, rating, and quote processing to issuance, endorsement, renewals and cancellations, new product launches, and premium audits – all with detailed reporting and statistical analysis capabilities.

Whether deployed on-premise or via the cloud, OneShield Policy gives you the flexibility and capability to design your workflows and automate time-consuming manual tasks. It is policy management made easy with a market-tested solution.

At OneShield Software, we’re technology experts with deep roots in the insurance industry. Our comprehensive portfolio of business applications is tailored for insurance industry leaders looking to reduce expenses, improve efficiencies and optimize service delivery. OneShield can help enhance and improve your operational and process efficiencies, agent and member service levels, and time-to-market for new products and changes.

OneShield Policy provides everything you need for efficient policy management, streamlining even the most complex scenarios and freeing up time for the really important things β€” like growing your business.