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We have curated a litany of whitepapers, webinars, datasheets and other sought-after resources to help you understand how the insurance landscape continues to evolve in order to support your technology decisions.

Overview of OneShield’s TESL (Transaction Engine Service Layer); Rakesh Parikh, VP Product Engineering
Introduction to OneShield Program Consulting Group; Leah English, VP Program Consulting
Delivering a Best-of-Breed Eco-System In Today’s Digital Economy; Jennifer Clark, Alliances Director
Confronting The Greatest Challenges Facing The Claims Industry; Vivek Gujral, CIO
Adapt Your Business For A New Generation Of Workers, While Serving The Needs Of Today’s Insurers; Vivek Gujral, CIO
Key Trends Impacting Insurance Claims Departments Today; Vivek Gujral, CIO