Mapping The Ultimate Digital CX Journey

In an era where customers are demanding accessibility, transparency, and ease of use, addressing the customer experience remains at the forefront of insurers’ agendas. Developing a digital strategy that makes the customer’s journey more efficient, economical and satisfying can seem daunting…

At OneShield, we help you navigate the transition by optimizing technology and data to better meet your clients’ expectations. More importantly, we support you in providing the ultimate customer journey.

Where do you begin?

Well, it starts with a general understanding of how everyday people use technology. Think about it?

People are constantly connected to the internet of things. Day and night, at home or on the go. More and more frequently they turn to their networked devices to aide in the day to day simplification of their lives. But everyone is unique – with their own digital DNA that smart companies know can be captured and used to understand and service their customers better.

It’s all about using data and analytics to create personalized user experiences throughout the customer interaction.

Data and analytics can provide insights into the behavior of people, and their “wants and needs”. These tools can even read patterns and anticipate a need…which enables a highly customized experience. Leveraging data can help you understand what you’ve gathered about your customer, and can be applied to everything from underwriting to customer service to claims management, using data throughout the lifecycle of the customer journey is the goal.

Constructing consistent, frictionless interactions across all channels in order to manage customer expectations, and using data smartly, can provide a distinct advantage. Enhancing your customer experience may sound challenging, but by setting a strategy, it doesn’t have to be.

Keep it simple from the start, so the customer can do basic things like making inquiries on your products, through to managing their policy. It should be easy for them to pay a bill, or check the status of a claim – all with a few clicks on their device; not having to enter and re-enter personal information like logins, name, policy number, etc.

Customer Engagement

Engage the customer throughout their entire journey. Communicate by extending information and offers that are relevant, which in turn helps build loyalty and trust over time.

So, how can you maximize your customer interactions? At the basis of good communication is design – with your customer’s ease of use in mind via their device of choice. Focus on making all interactions consistent, relevant and personalized. This creates a harmonious customer journey.

Through a seamless omnichannel approach, you can heighten your client experience. Whether it be by having virtual dialogues or receiving video claims submissions. However you interact with your customers, it must be consistent and seamless across all channels. Pushing the boundaries of your technology strategy and adopting the next-generation of thinking is key to delivering solid customer experience in today’s digitally-driven marketplace.

Giving customers what they want in the disruptive age of digital isn’t easy. It’s our job at OneShield to help you navigate this change. Connect with us and let’s get the conversation underway.