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PURE – Privilege Underwriters Reciprocal Exchange

Love Your Insurance

As a member-owned company focused on servicing the personal insurance needs of high net worth individuals and families, Privilege Underwriters Reciprocal Exchange (PURE) is dedicated to delivering highly effective business solutions that enable excellent service and responsiveness to its agents and members.

Strong Technology Partnership OneShield has been a valued partner of PURE for many years and has helped PURE further its business goals by enabling the insurer to grow into new markets quickly and providing unparalleled customer service.

Jason Lichtenthal, CIO for White Plains, NY-based PURE, believes it has been an asset to have a partner that views technology the same way PURE does; as a way to use creativity and ingenuity to be exceptional.

“The technology we have implemented here at PURE, including the integration of OneShield Policy, has helped to enable our growth over the past few years,” says Lichtenthal. “As we continuously assess the most impactful methods of reaching our goals and objectives, it is great to know that we have a strong technology backbone supporting us.”

Having a flexible architecture allows PURE to make quick changes to its system – providing it with an advantage over competitors. Without it, notes Lichtenthal, “we would have a greater need to rely on people to do manual processes, when a technology solution is often just as efficient, and allows our employees to focus on much larger scale initiatives.”

Superior Customer Service

The PURE team is always in search of innovative ways to enhance customer service offerings. PURE saw an opportunity to offer a valuable service by meeting member and agent preferences for document delivery and they jumped on it. Agents and members were asked about how they wanted to receive policy and billing information. To meet their different preferences, PURE had to find a solution that offered the ability to print policies on demand, electronically distribute policies to agents and members in real-time and fulfill requests for traditional printed copies.

“We needed flexibility because as we met with more and more constituents, the more we recognized that we could not make everyone happy with one solution,” says Lichtenthal. “Then, we needed to find a solution that provided a level of security that met our standards.”

Add in the need to easily integrate with its core systems and it then narrowed the list of prospective system down even further. “The most important thing in any evaluation is to understand your requirements, and to conduct a very thorough due diligence,” he adds.

Accordingly, PURE configured workflow processes into their existing OneShield Policy administration solution to allow both agents and members to define their policy delivery preferences. PURE researched and found an electronic delivery partner that was able to plug directly into OneShield Policy. Indeed, this integration would not have been possible were it not for OneShield’s open architecture.

As a result, PURE was able to deliver a solution that both agents and members have been extremely happy with and have adopted. They continuously receive positive feedback from agents detailing how delighted their clients are to have a say in how they receive their policy and billing documents.

Building upon this success, PURE leveraged OneShield Policy for additional initiatives to enhance agent satisfaction and service. The Auto Pre-Fill feature allows agents to automatically find and prefill information about additional drivers and vehicles in a household. The Agent Endorsement feature enables agents to initiate post-new business transactions – such as entering and rating endorsements – and quickly find pricing information.

“As a growing company, we are always evaluating ways to continue to add value to our members and agents, and to grow at the most efficient means possible,” says Lichtenthal. “With the E-Delivery, Auto Pre-Fill and Agent Endorsement projects, we were certainly able to do that.”


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