OneShield Program Consulting Group

Featuring: Leah English – SVP Sales & Marketing, OneShield Software

What is OneShield Program Consulting Group, and how is it going to differ from the typical technology implementation and support services that a OneShield client might expect? 

At OneShield, we have recognized that carriers invest a lot of time and energy into their vendor selection process. But once they acquire the technology they don’t always have a plan for how they’re going to optimize that investment and roll out the functionality as a part of the implementation.  

OneShield’s Program Consulting Group ensures that there is a consultative approach throughout the client lifecycle. From the very beginning in the sales cycle, continued in the project kickoff, throughout the entire implementation and in any post-production services that OneShield might provide.  

Applying OneShield’s implementation methodology in conjunction with [the] consultative approach not only ensures consistency in the client lifecycle, but it also ensures that the best practices from all our client implementations and really all of our collective experience at OneShield is leveraged for any new clients or existing clients.  

We recognize that an insurer might only go through a system transformation once or twice in their career; collectively at OneShield we’ve done these hundreds of times and want to ensure that best practices are implemented across all projects.