Reporting Solution


Turn raw data into actionable information with near-time portfolio analysis and detailed standard or customized reports.

Your core systems collect all types of basic and critical business intelligence data — often in massive amounts over time. Our understanding of the importance of analyzing this data led to the development of OneShield Reporting — a powerful and easily configurable analysis module that can be leveraged by any product within OneShield Enterprise.

OneShield Reporting does far more than generate basic reports. Our developers added enterprise-level tools, such as star schemas to create data cubes and an intuitive user interface with drag-and-drop features. This allows anyone on your team to use its built-in reports or create their own with a minimal learning curve.

The ability to make timely and informed business decisions is imperative for today’s insurers. With OneShield Reporting, subject-oriented star schema and business intelligence capabilities give your users near real-time data and analysis. This high-end business intelligence tool generates dashboards, cubes, standardized reports, and ad-hoc reports on any subject, including quotes, policy transactions, tasks, and referrals.

OneShield Reporting fully supports the ability to configure all management, financial, operational, statistical, or marketing reports and can also perform regulatory reporting for a client or governing body.

At OneShield Software, we’re technology experts with deep roots in the insurance industry. Our comprehensive portfolio of business applications is tailored for insurance industry leaders looking to reduce expenses, improve efficiencies and optimize service delivery every step of the way.