The Dominion

The Dominion Canada’s Trusted Insurance Company

The Dominion is Canadian owned and operated since 1887 and is one of the largest property and casualty insurers in Canada. The Dominion is fully dedicated to supporting the independent broker/agent to serve the best interests of the customer and to offer them the best coverage for their specific needs.

Commitment to Business Transformation
The Dominion’s commitment to operational excellence and high responsiveness to the needs of the brokers are critical factors that led the company to select OneShield® Policy for their core system modernization and platform consolidation initiative.

The implementation of OneShield Policy delivers impressive gains in efficiency for The Dominion, including:
• Automation to reduce manual data entry and the back and forth with the broker — there was a tremendous amount of paper flowing between brokers and The Dominion
• More flexibility around workflows, increasing the ability to be more efficient and productive
• The Dominion had to build controls in the old systems and there were three different policy management systems — all will be streamlined and rolled into OneShield Policy

The Dominion’s enterprise policy replacement project is an immense effort with multiple integration points resulting in the retirement of its legacy systems. This transformation will facilitate the ease of doing business for the independent broker distribution network by enabling straight through processing.

“A few things stood out right away for us when we evaluated OneShield. First, it was a solution that would meet the needs for our brokers as well as our internal staff. We wouldn’t need to invest in a core system as well as an Agency or Broker System,” said Derek Oke, senior information technology architect. “A must for any product selection for The Dominion is to ensure the product is in production already. Not only did OneShield have a track record of implementation successes, but implementation across most of our commercial and personal product lines. We did not want to have to choose a separate system for commercial and personal or for surety, for example.”

He added, “The OneShield Policy toolset has facilitated the ease of doing business we strive for with our independent broker distribution network by enabling straight through processing. Today, the majority of new business and policy changes are completed by the broker in minutes rather than days. OneShield Policy allows us to seamlessly integrate into our modern target systems for print, claims, billing, BMS download and corporate and financial reporting applications. We look forward to moving our remaining lines of business from the legacy applications into our new OneShield solution.”

The Dominion

The Dominion Canada's Trusted Insurance Company The Dominion is Canadian owned and operated since 1887 and is...

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