Company Needs

CapSpecialty’s business experts define, develop, deploy and maintain their products in an easy‐to‐use online, real‐time bond rating, quoting and binding system. To keep pace with the industry, they needed to move its book of business to a new platform and roll-out an agent platform. With OneShield Software’s collaborative team approach and in-depth subject matter expertise in the property/casualty insurance industry, CapSpecialty has been able to effectively leverage technology to positively impact its bottom line and deliver a competitive advantage within their market space.

Speed to Market

CapSpecialty needed to move its legacy surety business to a new platform and provide straight-through processing to their agents – no small task. The OneShield Policy framework provided the flexibility to develop the feature set they needed and facilitated the conversion of 20 years’ of bond data from two systems.

Service In Real-time

It was important for CapSpecialty to implement a system that could administer bonds cost-effectively. Using OneShield Policy’s flexible architecture and extensive content, CapSpecialty developed Capitol Express (CapEx); a surety underwriting portal used by both retail and general agents to automate the underwriting and distribution processes.

“The company had business, technology, and regulatory drivers behind our implementation of OneShield Policy. As a result of M&A activities, we had two legacy bond administration systems that needed consolidation. We had also become a subsidiary of a publicly traded company, so tight controls for compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley were imperative. Most importantly, we needed a system that would allow us to rapidly bring enhancements and new products to market. And now several years later we still feel that OneShield gives us the ability to respond to changes in the business.”

Chief Information Officer and Vice President, Information Services

Allied World

Company Needs

Based on their commitment to outperform the market, Allied World required a superior technological and operational infrastructure. In 6 months’ time, Allied World and OneShield worked rapidly to design workflows, define business specifications and deploy OneShield to support Allied World’s business and strategic goals.

Rapid Deployment

Allied World continuously rolls out new insurance products that allow them to capitalize on specific market opportunities and serve the demands of multiple distribution channels.

Control and Flexibility

Control and flexibility provided by the OneShield Designer configuration toolset was a huge factor for Allied World. Within 6 months, Allied World was configuring 80% of their application independently with a small but very talented staff.

“I’ve been working with insurance technology for the past 17 years. The total flexibility engineered into OneShield is exactly what we were looking for. In about one year’s time, we designed multiple product‐specific workflows and rolled out 15 new products while supporting the complexities of admitted and surplus paper. Additionally, we extended on‐line, real‐time services directly to our distribution partners. From a technology perspective, this platform supports all of Darwin’s products and processes with a deployment speed that gives us a competitive advantage.”

CIO, Allied World/Darwin Professional Underwriters

Advantage Insurance, Inc.

Company Needs

Advantage’s project goals were simply stated, yet wide-sweeping: digitizing all paper processes, automating anything that could be automated, using technology to monitor and measure processes which could not be automated, and implement an in-house capability for rapid process changes and system configuration. Meeting the needs of their business, Advantage selected OneShield, resulting in efficiencies in task and document processing, financial and partner management, customer communication, and adherence to AML-KYC regulations.

Business Process Efficiencies

Advantage turned to OneShield to implement its enterprise class OneShield Life Solution – creating new efficiencies in task and document processing, improving financial management, enhancing customer communication, and ensuring adherence to anti-money laundering and KYC (know your customer) regulations. OneShield’s solution delivered complete automation of a paper-based organization, with modernized controls, reporting capabilities and advanced management of policy documents.

Flexibility for Future Growth and Scalability

The OneShield Life application was designed to support both horizontal and vertical growth. With its metadata-driven approach to configuring workflows and rules, OneShield Enterprise has the scalability to support Advantage’s horizontal and vertical growth for years to come.

“OneShield’s technology platform gives us the flexibility and horsepower we need to meet our goals for future growth and scalability. Ultimately, it means we can service our clients with the utmost efficiency and responsiveness.”

Privilege Underwriters Reciprocal Exchange (PURE)

Company Needs

PURE’s focus is specifically high net worth individuals with complex underwriting requirements. When PURE began their search for a policy management solution, they knew they wanted a flexible tool‐based platform geared towards easy deployment to facilitate the rapid introduction of their unique policy products to a very challenging market. Their aggressive goal was to have a complete best‐of‐breed ASP solution in place within 6 months.

Customizable Solution

OneShield’s configurable tool‐set enables PURE to customize their unique workflows, allow their business experts to define, develop and deploy the implementation and manage the overall maintenance of their products.

Relationship Management

With OneShield’s powerful CRM features, PURE maintains all third‐party relationships with one application eliminating the need for multiple integration points and ultimately providing faster service to agents. Additionally, the integration of document e‐Delivery with OneShield has led to enhanced service to PURE’s members (policyholders) and agents, as well as a reduced environmental footprint.

“In OneShield Software, PURE has found a partner with a similar view of the purpose of technology: to enhance efficiencies and provide exceptional service. E‐Delivery is a great example of one of the innovative ways that OneShield has helped PURE respond to the needs of our members and agents. Our ability to configure OneShield’s workflow to make electronic delivery a default option for delivering documents securely has helped us save in excess of 50,000 printed pages while providing a fast, simple and reliable service.”

Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer, PURE