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P&C Insurer
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Limited IT staffing
Inefficient operations
Improving customer experience
Extend digital distribution

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Designed specifically for P&C Insurers

Our robust suite of policy, rating, billing, and claims all with comprehensive reporting and analytics.


Market Solutions

Designed for small insurers and MGAs and startup entities

Our Software-as-a-Service policy, billing, and claims administration modules are ready now and customizable for your business needs.

Challenges Assessment

We've curated a series of resources for you based on your answers.

Limited IT staffing

OneShield Enterprise, designed for granting self-sufficiency to your business and IT teams – also provides options to use more automated capabilities around maintaining the system. Our Continuous Upgrade Service handles all upgrades, patches, and fixes leveraging our automated testing tool and all managed by our team. This means more time to dedicate to high-value work like helping the business manage its products and less time on routine maintenance.

Our Insights

IT and the race for talent: How insurers and MGAs can adapt.

Transform your legacy systems for a digital future.

Delivering the Ultimate MVP: OneShield Program Consulting Group

Inefficient operations

For many insurers, employee turnover and remote work have highlighted flaws in current systems and processes. Whether it is the inability to access critical systems remotely, lack of straight-through-processing via automation, or the threat of institutional knowledge leaving and/or retiring, many operational-related challenges have increased in importance for insurers to address. Our solutions are fully automated, available remotely, and managed by us to support your team members so they can work in new ways and places as the industry continues to evolve.

Our Insights

7 key business objectives you’ll meet with cloud adoption

Featuring Upland Capital: Digital strategies and priorities in commercial lines insurance.

Improving customer experience

Every touch point throughout the policyholder lifecycle is an opportunity to foster loyalty and retention.  Creating those moments at scale requires modern, innovative solutions. Read our whitepaper on enhancing the customer experience.

Our Insights

From Startup to Market Leader – The Journey of PURE Insurance

3 ingredients for a successful, direct-to-consumer insurance experience.

Making insurance more human.

Extend digital distribution

Meeting the digital needs of your distribution network and policyholders will unlock so much potential. Take a look at the insights below to learn how our clients are succeeding with innovative digital capabilities.

Our Insights

From Startup to Market Leader – The Journey of PURE Insurance

Meeting the digital needs of your distribution network.

Featuring Erie Insurance: Digital distribution & enablement.

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