Utica First


Utica First’s legacy systems threatened to derail the company’s strong growth over the preceding 7 years and the internal IT team lacked the bandwidth to build new platforms or client-facing portals to meet current market demands. As Utica First evaluated this major digital transformation, concerns centered on successful data conversion, implementation oversight, and an outcome that would support future innovation within the capabilities of its own IT team.


With the selection of OneShield’s Enterprise (OSE) platform and integration of mission-critical APIs supported by third party DayStar Limited, Utica First launched its new UFIRST Now policy management system in 2021 for commercial lines. The functionality includes a full-service agent portal, self-service policyholder portal, configurable policy management and billing systems, and automated workflow at every stage of the policy life cycle. Data analytics and business intelligence offer greater insights for better risk decision-making, operational analysis, and financial reporting.


Across all areas of functionality, Utica First experiences streamlined processes and greater efficiency. Highlights include:

  • Agents have immediate access to documentation (previously requiring 24 hrs)
  • Improved underwriting accuracy and response time has decreased operating
    expenses and improved agent experience
  • Payment experience is seamless
  • Instantaneous agent onboarding with ease in adjusting commissions


Seamless data conversion, exemplary project management, and positive agent response confirm Utica First’s choice of OME for its commercial lines. As a true testament, Utica First plans to convert its personal lines onto OSE in 2022!

Omaha National Underwriters

Company Needs

With a business model based on using innovative strategies and state-of-the-art technology to reduce costs and increase efficiencies for business customers, Omaha National Underwriters sought an integrated technology offering for policy, billing, claims, loss prevention and medical case management administration for workers’ compensation across the United States.

Business Process Efficiencies

From the onset, the emphasis was on leveraging web-based technologies that could accommodate Omaha National Underwriters’ unique processing needs. They also required a solution that would give business users and management easy-to-use reporting tools and access to business metrics. With OneShield’s “As-A-Service” cloud-based application, they are able to unify and automate the policy, billing, and claims handling processes, improve efficiencies and reduce risk with consistent handling of files, adopt a truly paperless file management process, eliminate many routine and manual tasks with a configurable rules engine and centralize the user experience by reducing manual data entry into multiple systems. Finally, they are able to expand their technology ecosystem by leverage software APIs and XML interfaces to third-party data providers.


The speed-to-market capabilities of OneShield Market Solutions’ Cloud-based technology were the optimal technology for Omaha National Underwriter’s business model. OneShield Market Solutions’ ‘As-a-Service’ offering was up-and-running for testing within just weeks of contract signing, allowing them to rapidly accelerate their work-flow processes and plans to roll out marketing in jurisdictions across the country.

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Montpelier US Insurance Company

Company Needs

Montpelier needed to find a system to handle a rapidly growing business, deliver the flexibility to manage the business nimbly, and get the company up and running as soon as possible. Montpelier chose OneShield’s policy solution as a key component of their overall architecture as it was the best product available from a flexibility standpoint.

Partnering for Self-Sufficiency

It was important for Montpelier to work with a vendor that would serve as a reliable partner and not just a solution provider. As a result of OneShield’s configurability capabilities, fully‐dedicated programmers are not needed with OneShield’s flexible toolkit. Montpelier was able to act quickly and modify product features as necessary, making needed changes in record time.

Rapid Growth

It was important for Montpelier to work with a vendor that would serve as a reliable partner as well as provide the cutting‐edge technology necessary to achieve strategic goals. They needed to be as efficient as possible to support their agency force as timely as possible. In order for Montpelier to have the ability to expand nationwide, having a top‐performing system in place within the first few months of 2008 was critical.

“The timelines of this project were ambitious for a firm of our size. OneShield guided us through the process and very quickly delivered a solution that far exceeded our original expectations. We signed the contract in January, had it installed and turned the system on 6 weeks later in March.”

Vice President and Controller, Montpelier US

Main Street America

Company Needs

Main Street America needed a flexible, tool‐based platform capable of handling its aggressive growth in the marketplace. They also wanted to improve their agent offering to ensure agents were being provided superior service. Implementing OneShield gave them a configurable, web‐based approach to their homeowners and auto policy management solution. With OneShield, they were able to move their current personal lines book of business to a new platform and introduce newly designed multi‐functional products.

Ease of Integration

OneShield was able to easily integrate with important personal lines systems, such as ACORD, Address Verification (QAS) and standard industry rating.


OneShield’s tool‐based platform gave Main Street America the ability to win in new markets and offer new products quickly.

Keswick Insurance

Based in the U.S. Virgin Islands, Keswick Insurance is a local provider of personal property and auto insurance to a region that has been largely underserved by other carriers.

Company Needs

Keswick sought a solution that could help them get to market quickly, with modern web-enabled capabilities being of utmost importance.

Ease of Maintenance and Flexibility

OneShield Market Solutions provides ease of product maintenance, including the flexibility to adjust rates and do real-time analysis for flexible rating and quoting all without requiring custom coding or programming. This ensures that Keswick Insurance will always be responsive as market conditions change.

360-degree View of the Customer

OneShield Market Solutions’ Policy Administration and Claims solutions give Keswick a 360-degree view of customers, prospects, vendors, brokers and other stakeholders. The policy administration and automated quoting workflows will guide Keswick’s business users through policy submissions, including adjustable re-rating, billing plan changes, endorsement handling, and renewals management. The claims solution will facilitate and handle the full claims lifecycle from First Notice of Loss through to payment/recovery processing.


Company Needs

Achieving process efficiencies, increasing productivity and providing superior service to brokers were critical objectives for ICAT’s policy management replacement project. Following an extensive review of the market, OneShield Policy was selected for its robust workflow engine.

Superior Service Capabilities

With OneShield Policy, ICAT has automated manual processes, including risk clearance, triage, risk-sharing assignments, underwriting, rating and quoting. ICAT underwriters have the ability to access an online, integrated underwriter workbench that streamlines and automates workflow to reduce processing costs. OneShield Policy allows ICAT to enhance broker relationships by delivering a faster turnaround time on quotes.


The tool‐based approach of OneShield’s policy solution allows ICAT to become self‐sufficient and provides speed-to-market to underwrite a wide variety of risks while supporting rapid rollout.

“We needed a technology partner with extensive insurance expertise. OneShield truly understands our specific business needs. With the flexibility that OneShield provides, we will have the ability to migrate our middle‐market product to a new, robust underwriting platform This will simplify our technology landscape, improve our operating efficiency and allow us to focus on better servicing our producers and clients.”



Company Needs

As Hiscox continued to rapidly grow its business in the US, they required a single technology platform that had the ability to meet both the demands of their operations and the evolving needs of their clients.

Business Process Efficiencies

OneShield Enterprise is designed to streamline technology operations onto a single platform. The flexibility of the platform gives Hiscox USA the ability to communicate with external systems in an efficient way, and attain speed-to-market capabilities that match the fast-moving segments they serve. OneShield platform provides Hiscox with many competitive advantages including pre-existing insurance content, features, and functions that can be configured to their own unique workflows and processes.


Seeking to achieve greater efficiencies and productivity and most importantly a seamless contemporary digital client experience, Hiscox is implementing the OneShield Enterprise platform end-to-end solution for policy, billing, claims and reporting.

OneShield Enterprise’s customer-centric approach and highly extensive applications will help support Hiscox’s longstanding commitment to excel at customer service while providing innovative specialist insurance solutions.

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Erie Insurance

Erie Insurance started with the vision of two men to create an insurance company like no other – one that emphasized customer service above all else. That vision realized; from humble roots in 1925 to a FORTUNE® 500 company with over 5,000 employees and 5.8 million policies in force today, operating in 12 states and the District of Columbia. Erie Insurance Group, based in Erie, Pennsylvania is the 9th largest homeowners’ insurer and 12th largest automobile insurer in the United States based on direct premiums written, and the 16th largest property/casualty insurer in the United States based on total lines net premium written.

Company Needs

Erie Insurance set out to provide a commercial lines technology platform that delivered best in class user experience, making it efficient and easy for agents to quote, issue, and service accounts. For internal users they wanted to enable flexibility to consolidate products, allow for pricing sophistication, expand their geographical footprint and reduce operating costs through efficient methods such as straight-through processing – all without disrupting current operations.

From Collaboration to Center of Excellence

Challenged by the complexity of multiple applications and technologies to support multiple products, third-party data sources that were not fully integrated and a host of inflexible legacy systems, Erie in partnership with OneShield has persevered. After almost a decade of collaboration with OneShield Software, Erie has expanded its use of OneShield Policy across all its commercial insurance lines. Erie has created a OneShield Center of Excellence. They have achieved their vision of running the policy administration system “headless” by integrating their user interface with OneShield Policy. Erie Insurance has also secured future licensing permissions to consolidate their personal and life lines of business on the same policy platform.

Achieving and Exceeding Strategic Vision

OneShield Policy has exceeded Erie’s targets for Quote, Application, and Retrieval transactions for Complex Policies. Erie has increased revenue, reduced time to quote and issue, increased the number of policies that are processed straight through and has increased its speed-to-market, implementing new states faster than ever.

OneShield Policy will enable ERIE to advance its digital strategy of simplification and consolidation on an extendable and adaptable platform. Today, they have multiple portals supporting various product offerings. The new capabilities within OneShield Policy will allow ERIE to consolidate its product offerings while maximizing existing technology investments.


Company Needs

CapSpecialty’s business experts define, develop, deploy and maintain their products in an easy‐to‐use online, real‐time bond rating, quoting and binding system. To keep pace with the industry, they needed to move its book of business to a new platform and roll-out an agent platform. With OneShield Software’s collaborative team approach and in-depth subject matter expertise in the property/casualty insurance industry, CapSpecialty has been able to effectively leverage technology to positively impact its bottom line and deliver a competitive advantage within their market space.

Speed to Market

CapSpecialty needed to move its legacy surety business to a new platform and provide straight-through processing to their agents – no small task. The OneShield Policy framework provided the flexibility to develop the feature set they needed and facilitated the conversion of 20 years’ of bond data from two systems.

Service In Real-time

It was important for CapSpecialty to implement a system that could administer bonds cost-effectively. Using OneShield Policy’s flexible architecture and extensive content, CapSpecialty developed Capitol Express (CapEx); a surety underwriting portal used by both retail and general agents to automate the underwriting and distribution processes.

“The company had business, technology, and regulatory drivers behind our implementation of OneShield Policy. As a result of M&A activities, we had two legacy bond administration systems that needed consolidation. We had also become a subsidiary of a publicly traded company, so tight controls for compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley were imperative. Most importantly, we needed a system that would allow us to rapidly bring enhancements and new products to market. And now several years later we still feel that OneShield gives us the ability to respond to changes in the business.”

Chief Information Officer and Vice President, Information Services

Association Insurance Management (AIM)

Association Insurance Management’s (AIM) passion is supporting organizations that selflessly do so much for our communities. From parent-teacher associations (PTAs) to booster clubs to community schools to educational foundations, AIM helps provide specialty insurance benefits and services to their members.

Company Needs

With 30 years of success supporting the insurance needs of education and community-related nonprofits, AIM searched the market for technology that could help manage and support over 15 specialty areas of insurance coverage. AIM required an agile and flexible solution that offered innovative approaches to rapid deployments for speed-to-market advantage, such as OneShield Market Solution’s spreadsheet-based rating capabilities that eliminate the need for complex coding.

Improved Efficiency & Customer Satisfaction

With OneShield’s “As-a-Service” cloud-based application, AIM can reduce internal IT infrastructure costs and support while improving efficiencies and customer satisfaction.

Innovative Approaches for Speed to Market

Fulfilling the goal of eliminating complex coding, AIM can now automate policy and billing processing, extend a quick-quote option on their portal for instant pricing proposals, manage Certificate of Insurance tracking and administration, and eliminate many routine and manual tasks with configurable rules engine all to the benefit of their community members.